About Us

Pure Health Solutions Products are a "Practitioner Only" Range of Starting Materials for Dispensing in a Clinical Setting.  We supply a range of products as starting materials that are prepared and extemporaneously dispensed by practitioners, to their patients based on clinical examination and findings.

The practitioners starting materials are specially prepared for the sensitive patient and contain only the active ingredients in solution, without any fillers, binders, colourings, flavourings etc, which may trigger allergies or sensitivities. This purity, combined with the ionic or activated form of the product is designed to maximise bioavailability.
We provide ongoing educational programs and protocol training for practitioners interested in using the clinical kits and products to their best potential. To find out about, or register for our latest seminar please go to our Seminars page.
To order from Pure Health Solutions you need to be a registered health care practitioner. Practitioners can apply to order Pure Health Solutions products by registering for our site here.  Once we have verified your details you will be able to purchase products from our site.  
If you are looking for a practitioner who uses Pure Health Solutions products you can search for one in your area using our Find a Practitioner page.
Use of Pure Health Solutions products, this website and information available from it, is subject to the Pure Health Solutions Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
Pure Health Chiropractic Pty Ltd 
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Phone: 02 9798 8991 
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