Clinical Aids

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15ml Dropper Bottles
15ml Amber Dropper Bottles Each Pack includes 10 individual dropper bottles ..
Based on the Facial Symmetry seminar, this chart uses Russian technology for interpreting emotion..
Metabolic Pathways of Folic Acid and all forms of Vitamin B12.        ..
Glycosaminoglycan and Collagen Synthesis pathways. ..
Pathways of Glucose Metabolism and the Kreb's cycle, including essential amino acids required. Gl..
Energy Production pathways including the Glucose Phosphate Pathway, Kreb's Cycle, fatty acids and..
Light box acetates can be used on Xray boxes for visual stimulation of patients to supplement mer..
Schematic of Liver Detoxification Pathways, including phase 1 and phase 2, and all the nutrients ..
B and E points. The biochemical pathways of the metabolites and neurotransmitters involved in mem..
Methylation Pathways including Urea cycle, Folic acid cycle and Homocysteine pathway. SNIPS. ..
States of Consciousness including emotional blocks, scale of health scale of vital energy, scale ..
Pathways of Steroid Hormones, starting at Cholesterol and ending at phase 2 conjugation in the li..