Kinesiology Test Kits

Pure Health Solutions produce a number of homeopathic test kits which are for use with kinesiology techniques. For more information, please click here to contact us.

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Arthritis Test Kit
Bone section Collagen formation Cartilage repair Gou..
Basic Nutrition Test Kit
Basic Nutrition Test Kit   Ammonium chloride..
Brain Test Kit
Abducens Nerve 6x Dura 6x Occip..
Colour Acetates Set of 8   Using coloured acetates.   Test Red, Blue or..
Cytokine Test Kit
TNF – a  6x IL – 6  6x ..
Detox Test Kit
3 Boxes Detox 1 Anti Colibac 30x ..
Diagnostic Pain Box 1 Test Kit
  Acetylcholine 6x Adrenal Medulla 6x ..
Empty Test Kit Box
Empty Test Kit Box for Vials ..
Fatty Acid Test Kit
Cardiolipin Phosphatidyl Serine ..
Fungal Toxin & Pesticides Test Kit
  3 Acetyldeoxynivalenol 6x Cytochalasin B 6..
Gut Test Kit
  alpha Amylase Deoxyribonuclease ..